Golf Management Team

Steve Merkel

Steve Merkel, a member of our Family since 2000

Steve is responsible for all golf course turf management, special projects, and capital improvements at Landscapes Unlimited-owned golf courses. Steve also provides support and assistance to the golf course superintendents at these facilities.

Steve has over 30 years of experience with grow-in and maintenance of golf courses throughout the US and the Caribbean. Currently, Steve is Landscapes’ lead agronomist and is responsible for the on-going maintenance of Landscapes Unlimited’s portfolio of owned and managed golf courses. In this capacity he provides support to more than 30 golf course superintendents. He is a certified golf course superintendent and has experience in not only the maintenance of golf courses but also their grow-in and maturation. Steve also consults on agronomy, grow-in and maintenance on numerous projects for Landscapes Unlimited’s construction clients.

Steve is our Director of Golf Course Agronomy

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