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Sports Fields & Recreation Spaces

Landscapes Unlimited develops and constructs athletic fields and recreation areas for all sports at every level of competition. We understand that every playing field and recreation space is unique. As such, each project is given special consideration with an emphasis on sustainability during the planning and construction phases. LU delivers venues that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe. 

Whether building a new facility or renovating a single field or park, the objective is to form lasting relationships as the foundation for providing seamless execution across a variety of delivery methods including turn-key, design/build and design/bid/build.  
Landscapes Unlimited builds aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe recreational amenities. Our goal is to create athletic fields and facilities to be enjoyed and utilized by generations for fitness, fun and family time.

New construction or renovation of:
Our company is experienced in partnering with both the public and private sector in thoughtful urban planning and recreational amenity development. With particular emphasis on providing low maintenance and environmentally friendly quality of life facilities,

New construction or renovation of:

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