We Work Safely

Landscapes Unlimited ‘s Safety Program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. The result of our company’s sustained efforts to provide our employee’s safe and healthful workplaces has resulted in a consistent Experience Modification Rating well below the national industry average.

Here is why we are so successful:

At Landscapes Unlimited safety is more than a program, it is a fundamental value in our organization’s mission and is constantly demonstrated, reinforced, and recognized at every level of our operations. To sustain our safety program, the following five stimuli are used in its implementation to allow the program to continually flourish:

Communication is a critical tool utilized by the company to create a continuous awareness about safety among all employees.  The company’s monthly internal newsletter is utilized to deliver information to all employees regarding safety and personal wellbeing. Field managers receive regular safety program updates and safety information via e-mail, intranet, and web based meetings.  Compliance reports are provided to senior field managers regularly (weekly, quarterly, and year end) to ensure they are aware of the status of their project’s safety activities.

Training is a cornerstone of the safety program. Field managers participate in current and relevant assigned safety-trainings on a monthly timetable. Weekly tool box talks as well as daily tailgate safety meetings are utilized to further support and disseminate safety education and awareness to all levels of our personnel.

Safety inspections are conducted by our corporate safety staff, insurance representatives and approved outside consultants using a state-of-the-art safety report application. These comprehensive examinations of our project sites identify and record any potential hazards and their underlying causes. Corrective actions are then assigned to responsible parties for their elimination or control.

Accountability is a key element in establishing that every employee is responsible for the safety of themselves, their coworkers and the public. A clear understanding of what is required of each employee to complete their job functions in a safe manner is continually provided and enforced in a fair and consistent manner so all can share in the benefits of the organization’s safety culture.

Reward and recognition is the final component of the company’s safety program. A dynamic safety incentive system is used in rewarding employees at all levels for demonstrating safe work practices and recognizing ingenuity. As an organization, formal recognition is also provided to employees every June during National Safety Month.

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