Revenue Engine
Landscapes Select Revenue Engine is an innovative new service offering from the industry's most trusted solutions provider - Landscapes Golf Management. Revenue Engine is designed to provide a zero-risk opportunity for clubs to leverage our best revenue-generating services and our industry-leading purchasing program for maximum benefit.  It is a value-oriented service package combining elements of Landscapes' expertise in marketing, technology, procurement, maintenance, and construction.

The goal of Revenue Engine?  To amplify the existing base of knowledge and expertise among your club's staff.

Revenue Engine packages are designed to be cost-neutral by including access to Landscapes' procurement network, resulting in zero net cost for the club.  All Revenue Engine services can be combined with other Landscapes Select offerings, like Food & Beverage or Agronomy, to create a custom support package for your golf course or private club.

Zero Net Cost to Your Facility

Learn how revenue engine can be be implemented at no cost to your course or club!


Revenue Engine Packages Include:

MARKETING - Never worry about flyers, social media posts, website updates, or email again. Revenue Engine clients receive a complete digital agency package. Let our experts handle all of your website, email, social media, online advertising, and graphic design - giving you time back to focus on your team, members, and guests.

PURCHASING - All Revenue Engine clients can save up to 12% with PoweredBUY.
Landscapes' procurement network covers everything from food service to tee markers. On average, our courses save up to 12%. All rebates and incentives are returned to the course.

SUPPORT - All Revenue Engine packages include access to expert help when you need it. You will
 receive a monthly consultation with an operations expert and the ability to engage functional experts on everything from agronomy to food & beverage.

​​In 2008 Landscapes Golf Management pioneered the concept of fractional services in the golf management industry with Landscapes Select. After decades of experience working with owners and managers, we realized that the "full management" arrangements offered by our competitors offered more support than what many clubs wanted. Today, we have helped dozens of clubs find success with Landscapes Select.

Landscapes Select gives you the ability to choose the exact support you need without giving up control of your team or wasting effort in areas that are performing well.


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