Comprehensive Golf Management

Landscapes Golf Management has achieved its success in golf course operations, in large part, due to our commitment to run your property in the same way we have successfully operated our owned properties for the last 30 years. Also, we pride ourselves on the transparency of our services, fee structure, and purchasing savings. We always want to ensure that you are confident that our efforts would be in the best interest of your facility. Landscapes Golf Management always places the property brand first to ensure our client’s assets receive the recognition they deserve. As operations manager, Landscapes Golf Management will be responsible for turnkey management including, but not limited to, the following areas:


Landscapes Golf Management will be responsible for hiring all staff.  We will intend to rehire all existing personnel, unless otherwise advised by the owner, from the prior management team.  We will certainly recognize the advantages of hiring locally to fill vacant positions, drawing on local knowledge and relationships, but we also have a network of potential staffers from our portfolio of clubs.  Our goal is to build a staff passionate about being part of the operations team to ensure uncompromised customer service and attention to detail.  


Landscapes Golf Management will be responsible for Clubhouse operations, building maintenance, food & beverage, golf shop operations, marketing, payroll processing, and benefits administration, insurance, merchandising, financial reporting and accounting, and other services related to the day-to-day operations. 

Best Practices

Landscapes Golf Management’s policies and best management practices learned from 30 years of experience, will be implemented at all levels of the operation to ensure peak performance and operational efficiencies. 

Business Planning

Landscapes Golf Management will develop and submit for your review and approval, an annual business plan and operating budget which includes:

Capital Improvements

Early in our engagement, and after fully vetting any previous plans developed by/for the facilities, Landscapes Golf Management will develop a preliminary capital repair and improvement plan focusing on improvements that provide a positive return on investment in the near term.  This plan will be submitted annually for review and approval as part of the annual business plan and budget process. 

Sales & Marketing

Landscapes Golf Management will be responsible for creating and implementing player development programming, outside event sales, marketing plans, and the appropriate level of dynamic pricing avenues for all of the U.S. Navy Golf Courses.  Our Account Manager and National Director of Revenue Management will work closely with the General Manager to ensure the plan is creative, responsive to the market, and achieves your financial objectives. 


Landscapes Golf Management will implement the integrated marketing technology plan previously referenced. 

Buying Power

Landscapes Golf Management will leverage its National Accounts buying power to purchase supplies, equipment, golf shop merchandise, food & beverage items, etc.  Our National Accounts purchasing power typically results in significant savings for our clients.   

Golf Shop / Merchandising

Landscapes Golf Management will develop a comprehensive merchandising plan targeted toward the customer profile.  We will implement a buying plan to maximize a variety of selection and appropriate price points with efficient inventory levels.  

Inventory Controls

Landscapes Golf Management will implement a comprehensive sales and inventory control plan for the merchandise and food & beverage operations to ensure an optimal Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) ratio and to reduce waste/spoilage thus reducing expenses. 

Finance & Accounting Oversight

Landscapes Golf Management will implement financial controls and continue to provide comprehensive financial reporting.  Our corporate accounting team will process payables, review receivables, and work closely with the onsite manager to ensure proper cash handling and monitor cash flow throughout the season. 

Supervision & Accountability

A Landscapes Golf Management Regional Operations Manager will be routinely available to meet with a representative of the club to discuss facility operations, financial performance, marketing, golf course maintenance, or any other pertinent items regarding the operations.  

Financial Reporting

Landscapes Golf Management will continue to provide a monthly profit and loss statement and other financial information for review and discussion in a regular monthly meeting.  Standard financial reports include: 

Menu Development & Event Support

LGM’s Director of Food & Beverage will analyze and recommend strategic change/development of each menu from quick-turn solutions to fine dining or special event menus.  In addition, our F&B team, including regional managers, will assist in developing strategies for growing, executing, and sustaining Special Events at the course whether they be golf-oriented or non-golf events. 

Safety and Sanitation

It is our policy to provide a safe, accident-free, drug-free, and healthy work environment, and those goals are achieved as a result of diligent work and careful attention to all company policies by our team members.  All staff members are obligated to know the safety requirements and standards for their area or job and to abide by them. Safety and health are every bit as important in this organization as productivity and quality.  Likewise, cleanliness of one’s workstation, dining areas, kitchen and foodservice preparation areas, garbage/recycling areas, and all restrooms are essential areas of focus for our team members.

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