Marketing & Revenue Management
Marketing and Revenue Management are key components to club success in the 21st Century.  Our team of marketing experts guides each club by creating an efficient and sustainable plan to drive revenue.  We support club communication strategies, social media, advertising, digital marketing, pricing, utilization analysis and much more.  The foundation of our marketing, communication and revenue management strategy is our technology stack; by implementing hand-selected, best-in-class technology solutions, we are able to collect vast amounts of customer data and use that information to make educated business decisions.  Best of all, our technology allows for data to be collected automatically on an ongoing basis.

For Private Clubs, we are able to streamline the membership sales process using our custom CRM platform.  This allows us to fully integrate the course website, email, calendars and phone to respond to prospects in a timely and efficient manner.  We use online signing platforms for membership applications and contracts.  We support club communication strategies - whether you are looking for a traditional club newsletter or you want to take the entire strategy digital - our team of experts helps every club find the right strategy and the right solutions to bring it to life.

At Public Courses, we know that there is nothing worse than a slow day at the course.  Our Revenue Management services will help combat that. Relying on LGM's suite of technology solutions, our teams continually collect and analyze customer data, create trend reports and assist clubs with revenue driving strategies including static or dynamic pricing across all distribution channels.  Once a revenue-generating strategy is in place, we maximize exposure across all e-mail, web and social media outlets to drive results.  

Advertising has become infinitely more complex over the last decade.  Gone are the days when a simple newspaper ad could reach 80% of your target market.  Marketing and Advertising today means understanding how to utilize and measure ad spend across many channels; Traditional Media channels like Print, Radio, Direct Mail & Television are important considerations, but New Media channels like Email, Digital Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are integral components to a well-rounded strategy.  Sound a little confusing?  That is ok, we can help!

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