Landscapes Select
Your golf course or private club is unique, and so are the operational dynamics that drive it. You may not want, or need, a full management solution. LGM was the first company to offer a-la-carte services to address the uniqueness of each course and club that we work with.  Landscapes Select is our a-la-carte service.  It allows us to work with you to define a scope of services tailored to your specific needs. This model of delivery allows us to scale services up or down over time as the strategic vision of your facility evolves. 

Every Landscapes Select package includes access to LGM's nation-wide golf course and private club purchasing & procurement program.  This benefit offsets service delivery fees, creating a platform that immediately begins paying for itself.

Introducing Landscapes Select Revenue Engine - a no-risk opportunity to dramatically increase engagement and expand your bottom line!  Learn More about how Revenue Engine can seamlessly integrate into your operation to simultaneously drive new revenue while saving money on key purchases.


Focused Support

In many cases, clubs are performing at a high-level across all elements of the operation.  However, on occasion, we encounter a club that is outstanding in all areas but one.  That one area has become a blemish that is no longer acceptable.  For example, perhaps that club is struggling to control food & beverage costs. Maybe it is a club in need of membership programming and development guidance.

We can add expertise and insight in these areas without disrupting the departments that are stable and functioning properly. Landscapes Select is a light-touch alternative to full management. We consult with you to define the areas where your club could evolve from good to great; then offer tried and tested solutions to improve those functional areas of your club. 

Economies of Scale

It may seem like a limited engagement such as Landscapes Select would preclude you from taking advantage of a big management company's economies of scale – but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Landscapes Select gives you all the same benefits as our full management option:
• National purchasing power in food & beverage, maintenance, merchandise and technology
• Access to our national training programs 
• Participation in regional and national meetings and workshops
• Access to our proprietary best practice and education platform – LUConnect


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