‚ÄčOur technology stack is the foundation of our innovative approach to golf operations, marketing, accounting, and reporting. Our technology is the change engine for our clubs.  It fuels our model for support using data and analytics. We have cultivated a list of preferred platforms that give our courses and clubs the best available technology to maximize efficiency, automate tasks, and eliminate manual reporting where possible. Our partners include POS and Tee Sheets, Website, Email Marketing, Accounting, Customer Service Feedback, Tee Time Distribution, Marketing Planning, Payroll Management, CRM, and much more. Let us help you find the right solutions for your property - from there we'll collect the data and use it to make your customers happier and your course more profitable.

Lightspeed's Tee Sheet, Point of Sale, eCommerce, and website solutions are the foundation of our technology stack. LGM has a National Agreement with Lightspeed Golf to deploy their cloud technology.  LGM was one of the first management companies to understand the benefits of migrating to cloud-based systems. We have quickly adopted new technologies from Lightspeed as they’ve become available and worked to build integrations into our other cloud-based systems. These integrations fuel operational efficiencies not found with any other golf management companies.
My Hub connects LGM Staff members across the world together on a single site to facilitate training, education, mentorship, discussions, and ideas. It also serves as a central repository for templates, marketing campaigns, documents, information, and training sessions. Each month, LGM conducts a video-webinar with best practices, seasonal reminders, tips, and tricks. The subjects are all subsequently uploaded onto My Hub to be used for future training.
LGM has developed a custom CRM solution with our partner Zendesk Sell that manages outing, tournament, membership, sponsorship, and event sales processes. Zendesk Sell is a feature-rich and user-friendly CRM platform that creates great efficiencies in the organization, communication and reporting for sales professionals. The system facilitates sales & pipeline reporting at the property and regional level and tracks KPIs like the number of memberships or events, pricing, number of players, date and time, deposits received, and active show-up numbers versus pre-bookings. 
PandaDoc is our online signing platform. It is fully integrated with Zendesk Sell  CRM. Once data for any event, outing, or membership is recorded in Zendesk Sell, LGM sales managers are able to deliver a legally binding agreement to that customer in seconds. They can also track all documents to see if clients have opened, viewed, or executed their agreements.
LGM understands that knowing the customer and constantly exceeding expectations is the formula for success in the golf industry. We regularly survey members and guests, collecting valuable feedback, and constantly improving. These surveys are automatically delivered to golfers via the POS system. Notifications for callback requests and service recovery opportunities are automatically sent to each manager or department head.
Food and Beverage represents a significant portion of each golf course or private club's revenue. Along with that comes a responsibility to manage inventories appropriately from waste and theft. Orca is able to be integrated with Lightspeed. It will connect with both F&B vendors as well as the POS to identify areas that can be streamlined to save food and beverage costs.

Every system that a facility uses has some sort of reporting or dashboard capabilities. However, the process of logging into each system and entering KPIs manually is an operational nightmare. LGM uses the Metolius Business Intelligence platform to deliver automatic enterprise-grade reporting dashboards to all managers and support staff. With this tool, our managers say goodbye to completing manual reports. Instead, they receive an automatic report each day with all of their data and results - from Tee Time Utilization to Facebook Likes.

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