Food & Beverage
Whether you desire a more impressive menu that enhances the patron’s experience or simply need a more profitable grill service, we will develop a custom plan to deliver the valuable results you and your patrons desire.

Service training, superior leadership, a teaching atmosphere, cost controls, buying power, and strategic menu development are hallmarks of our success. This does not occur by accident but rather is the full-time focus of our National Director of Food & Beverage. Not only has our team developed strategies to deliver this exceptional experience to our guests, but also ALL of our clubs operate their food and beverage outlet as profit centers. In doing so, the food and beverage operations can contribute to the long term success of the facility by funding periodic maintenance and replacement cost associated with the clubhouse itself.

Food and Beverage Operations has become one of LGM’s most profitable ventures. By realizing the potential within our own food and beverage departments, we have been extremely successful in finding ways to continue to outperform national averages in all phases of food and beverage, from member satisfaction to financial stability. Contact us to find out how to get the most of your food and beverage operation



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