Today’s golf course owner faces a multitude of challenges and questions when it comes to water. From the increasing societal pressure to be good custodians of our planet’s resources, to the rising cost of water and the wide variety of new irrigation technologies available, what’s right for your facility can be a tricky question.

Since day one, LU has been helping owners assess what they have and pull together the team to get the most out of your existing system, and when the time comes, install a new system that will position your operation in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner for the future. The expertise developed over decades of successful irrigation system repair and replacement allows LU to offer valuable insight into the design, installation, management and maintenance of all types of irrigation systems.

The LU Irrigation teams and support staff are experienced with all the latest products and technology…as well as the stuff that’s been in the ground for a while.  LU invests heavily in continued education and training for all of our personnel and our teams are constantly looking for the tools that help superintendents be more efficient in delivering water to their course, including: