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LU began its history over 40 years ago as an irrigation contractor replacing and servicing systems on existing golf courses. That business soon grew into complete golf course renovations and the construction of new golf courses. The core fundamentals learned in those early years have allowed us to grow our business into what it is today.
The expertise developed over decades of successful irrigation installations allows Landscapes Unlimited to offer valuable insight into the design, installation, management and maintenance of all types of irrigation systems especially as it relates to renovationprojects. Because we also own and manage golf courses, we understand the importance of being as invisible as possible during our work so as not to impact normal operations and play on the golf course. At the end of the project we, like the client, don't want any evidence of us ever being on the course except to notice the beautiful quality turf as a result of a newly installed and very efficient irrigation system.

The Landscapes Unlimited irrigation teams ans support staff are very knowledgeable with all the latest state-of-the-art products and technology meant to preserve our very precious water resources:  

Irrigation Services

LU is one of the few golf course general contractors in the industry that has its own Irrigation Division who's very skilled and very experienced team-members focus solely on irrigation installations on existing and new construction courses. LU's irrigation capabilities are highly sought after by Irrigation Consultants and clients across the United State as well as outside the country. To maintain the high performance demanded in quality irrigation installations, LU invests heavily in continued education and training of its irrigation personnel in always striving to perfect their irrigation installation techniques. Like the development and construction team, the goal is the same for the irrigation be the best in the business.

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