Golf-y Recipes
Golf-y Recipes

Golf-y Recipes

Posted on March 18, 2020

Golf-y Recipes to Make at Home

We are all stuck at home, but that doesn't mean we can't get a "taste of the links" from the comfort of our kitchens at home.

While some stores might be out of canned-soup, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer, we're pretty sure you can find all the ingredients you need to make the recipes below. Sure, it won't replace having a cold beverage with your friends in the 19th hole, or a watching the TOUR on Sundays, but perhaps it'll help you get a taste of links and keep you sane for the next few weeks.

If you do make any of the recipes below, please tell us about it on social media!

Pimento Cheese Sandwich

We all know a particular club in Georgia that hosts a particular event each April has made this southern-staple famous. The recipe is pretty simple to follow and calls for white-bread. If you want to make the sandwich your own, try adding a little cayenne to the recipe and serve on lightly toasted sourdough or marbled rye. Yum!

Get the Recipe Here

Golf Balls

We all are a little less inclined to chase urethane golf balls around the course, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy an edible variety. Here we have two versions - a sweet peanut-butter chocolate treat, and a savory, cheesy fritter with hot-pepper jelly.

Get the Sweet Recipe Here and the Get the Savory Recipe Here

Green-Machine Smoothy

An excellent recipe for a healthy smoothie packed with fruits and veggies. It's sure to give your immune system a boost right now. Once we all get back on the links, it's a fantastic pre-round performance enhancer. It'll be the fuel your body needs to keep you going on the back nine.

Get the Recipe Here

Green Steak

A ribeye's shaped sort of like a putting green, and once you cover it with fresh chimichurri, there is a passing resemblance to the real thing. Okay, this one might be a stretch, but we needed to get an entree on the list, and this one is amazing.  

Get the Recipe Here

Azalea Cocktail

Across the country, spring is springing. This refreshing cocktail is perfect for sipping on a warm afternoon, whether there is golf to watch or not.

Get the Recipe Here


Are you a culinary wizard looking for more? Then we have the ticket for you. GolfKitchen has a host of recipes from the best chefs at the best clubs in the world. Check them out at

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