5 Golf Commercials That Don't Get Old
5 Golf Commercials That Don't Get Old

5 Golf Commercials That Don't Get Old

Posted on March 19, 2020
Typically, we hate commercials, but not this week. These are some of our favorite golf commercials of all time; we promise you'll enjoy them.  
Nike Golf /// Never 
The relatable message from Tiger's father, Earl, is one that still hits home today. Parents have a unique way of communicating with their children; Earl's message on mental toughness is arguably the key to Tiger's success. Looking for chills? Check this out.

Nike Golf /// Ripple 
Golf has a unique way of appealing to all age groups, making it one of the most remarkable sports in the world. The tale of Rory McIlroy idolizing Tiger Woods and eventually surpassing him makes for a great commercial.  Stay on the couch for this one!

ESPN /// This is Sports Center 
If there is such a thing as a tv-commercial dynasty, "This Is Sports Center" has to be it.  This compilation covers the best of the PGA TOUR versions over the years. A few ESPN legends such as Dan Patrick and Stuart Scott, join a star-studded cast of PGA tour players to make some of the funniest short commercials we've seen.

Nike Golf /// Finau1
Tony Finau had just aced hole #7 at the Masters Par-3 Event, and his celebration took a turn for the worst when he dislocated his left ankle. After immediately popping it back in, Finau went on to finish in the top 10.  The real win?  This Nike commercial.

Nike Golf /// My Crazy Dream: Jason Day
Humble beginnings are often the start to great success. Jason Day's story is one that reminds us never to forget where we came from while embracing golf's unique ability to appeal to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

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