Copy of Construction Team
​​Curt Grieser

For purposes of control, coordination and continuity, Curt will manage the project from the pre-bid to job close out. He will visit the project frequently, helping the crews achieve cost and schedule objectives as well as handling challenges that may arise during the construction process. This will include but is not limited to; schedule management, budget and quality of work monitoring, participation in weekly monitoring and updating.

Curt has been with Landscapes Unlimited in the capacity of Project Manager for over 18 years and has been with the firm for over 34 years. He has been responsible for overseeing three to five projects simultaneously and coordinated and managed the installation of over 70 golf courses, both public and private facilities.
Curt’s focus is to consult and take part in project planning, scheduling and budgeting.  Curt will make frequent visits to the site and meet with the project team to ensure the project goals are being executed.  Working closely with the project superintendent, he will help make sure the crews achieve cost and schedule objectives as well as handling any challenges that may arise.  He will ensure that resources are there in a timely manner and will be involved with the project from start to finish.

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