3D Golf Course Drone Modeling

Landscapes Unlimited is on the cutting-edge of technology with the M4 Precision Modeling program.  With the use of airborne and terrestrial technologies, we produce world-class data sets that can be used in a wide range of golf and sports field applications.  Over the past few years, we have tailored industry-leading survey techniques to directly address the unique needs of our clients.  Landscapes Unlimited’s FAA-certified drone operators develop and execute a flight path over client properties using a multirotor or fixed-wing drone.  These specially designed drones use a combination of GPS and prescribed onboard sensors to create a high-resolution aerial image and hyper-accurate surface model of the property.  We use 3D laser scanners that yield sub-centimeter accuracy for areas demanding heightened levels of precision. This technology can be up to 20% more accurate than traditional GPS mapping

M4 Precision Modeling has four components:
  1. Map - We fly the drone over your facility to generate thousands of photos and millions of data-points.
  2. Measure – We measure three-dimensional surface areas, volumes of materials, surface slopes, the amount of light that is being absorbed or reflected from the turf, and everything in between.
  3. Model –Using a suite of specialized software with the captured data sets, we can model different aspects of the property such as cut/fill volumes, surface water flow, and shade analysis.
  4. Manage – We provide new and valuable insights that inform capital and operating expenditures to draw maximum value from client resources.

We recommend drone modeling for a variety of reasons: 
Accuracy - The creation of a three-dimensional model, as opposed to a two-dimensional map, has large implications for any owner or manager.  A slope of just 25% could lead to double-digit inaccuracies in a 2D model.

Speed - We move our drones and pilots around the country freely, requiring little lead time.  We generally only need a few hours on-site and one week to turn around a complete model.

Cost - Compared to traditional land surveys and the days of old when helicopters and planes were required, M4 Precision Modeling is convenient, customizable, and cost-effective.

Impact – Mapping, measuring, and modeling a property in three dimensions affords unprecedented insight into resource management and long-range planning.

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