Why Outsourcing Works
Why Choose to Outsource Your Golf Course Maintenance?

Course owners worldwide understand that getting the most out of every maintenance budget dollar is critical. With more than 40 years of building, renovating, maintaining, and managing golf courses, Landscapes offers unparalleled expertise in getting the most out of any maintenance budget.


Clubs that experience substandard playing conditions often need a boost to their agronomic expertise and Superintendent support. The multiple layers of agronomic expertise available from LUGM deliver the club large-scale agronomic support. Additionally, Landscapes assumes responsibility for all HR functions - payroll, benefits, recruiting, safety, and more. Outsourcing makes a very attractive package. 


Access to Capital Resources

LUGM leverages its national pricing and proprietary discounts to provide equipment and supplies. The savings are then redirected to other maintenance priorities or bottom-line improvements. The same applies to materials - we purchase them with substantial discounts that allow us to keep prices very competitive while also improving conditions.


Labor Cost & HR

When engaged with LUGM, staffing issues become our responsibility. We provide all labor and associated costs. This streamlines club operations and ensures consistent conditions. Let us handle your superintended search or worry about the allocation of H2B visas!


Control and Accountability

Though LUGM may be running the maintenance operation with our own employees, we do not dictate course conditions or budgets. The reality is quite the opposite.


We work with each client to understand the right conditioning level for the course. From here, we develop the fee structure to achieve those results. We guarantee both the conditioning level and the budget expense for us to achieve it.


We also bring professional, monthly communication to every owner to ensure everyone knows what is happening on the course and why.


Specialized Skills & Expertise

It would be impossible for any club to hire a superintendent with the collective knowledge of Landscapes Unlimited Golf Maintenance. From an agronomic perspective - our experience is unmatched, with more than 2,000 completed projects. LUGM's experience does not stop with agronomics. Every client also receives specialized support in Human Resources, Safety, Purchasing, and long-term planning. The depth and breath of support offered to you cannot be matched by any other maintenance provider - never mind a single employee.

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