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Golf Maintenance FAQ

How are maintenance services priced?

Every golf course is different in its agronomic practices, maintenance standards, and labor requirements. Once we have determined the scope of work, the agronomics involved, and the club's business model, we jointly develop maintenance standards that encompass the agronomics involved, customer satisfaction (playability), and the budgetary limits of the operation. With those components in place, we develop our management plan for maintaining the golf course at the highest level possible within the budgetary limits. We believe it is our customer's advantage, knowing that our price will be a fixed, not-to-exceed amount based on those components.

What happens to course employees, payroll & benefits?

All employees and related burden/benefits are the full responsibility of Landscapes Unlimited Golf Maintenance (LUGM), thereby relieving the Club of any HR responsibility for the employees. We do not replace the existing staff, but rather it is our goal to retain continuity and provide the existing employees with the first priority to become LUGM employees. If existing employees prefer to relocate elsewhere within or outside of the organization, then Landscapes will source labor in the local market.

How are capital and equipment investments handled?

We are very flexible with our customers on how equipment is deployed on the golf course. Landscapes can provide complete equipment packages or utilize your existing pallet of equipment or a combination of using the existing pallet and supplementing with additional equipment from Landscapes as equipment needs replacing or is otherwise required for the job. This gives the Club a choice that provides the best value in the market for investing in equipment, with LUGM effectively providing financing. We can even purchase your equipment from you at fair market value. Landscapes will provide all fuel, oil, and lubricants necessary to operate and maintain the equipment under all scenarios.


What about maintenance materials like fertilizer and chemicals?

Materials for maintaining the golf course are provided by Landscapes. This includes but is not limited to fertilizers, chemicals, topdressing sand, bunker sand replenishment, mulch, annual flowers, golf course supplies, flags, cups, poles, bunker rakes, directional ropes, and signs, seed, and sod. Our preferred pricing from our vendors for all materials are passed along to the Club in our pricing.


How does the agreement work?

We are responsible for delivering our services entirely at our expense for a fixed, guaranteed contract price; therefore, our profit margin is baked into the price – not a separate fee. This is the essence of a true performance-based arrangement in which we must perform to the standards to earn our profit. Our services are billed monthly, and we are happy to seasonalize our billing to best accommodate our customer’s cash flow.

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