LGM & 59club Partnership
LGM & 59club Partnership

LGM & 59club Partnership

Posted on October 20, 2021
The partnership between Landscapes Golf Management and 59club USA is resulting in bolstered staff service processes, as well as guest and member interactions, with trends toward meaningful increases in revenue and profitability at LGM-operated golf courses coast to coast.

Introduced early this summer, the 59club program focuses on satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping and employee training, virtually and on-site, at 20 daily-fee and private properties in the Landscapes Golf Management portfolio.  The objective data points, images gathered and associated analytics help identify areas to improve service and sales practices as well as other operational opportunities.  They also provide front-line and back-office knowledge about inside and outside staff service behaviors and accountabilities, pinpoint member-guest expectations, and inform holistic business strategies. 

Another output from the 59club partnership that differentiates Landscapes Golf Management is benchmarking “what great service looks like” to establish best practices and track progress over time.  The program then instructs member-guest relations at each point during his and her journeys on and off property, proper handling of upsell opportunities and determining correct labor levels based on dayparts, seasonality and other variables.
“Our teams take relationship building extremely seriously and smart training is critical,” says Tom Everett, President of Landscapes Golf Management.  “After all, we recognize that it doesn’t cost us one extra dollar to provide warm hospitality to every golfer, member and guest at our properties.  Conversely, we understand how detrimental only one instance of poor service can be.”

“59club is at the right place at the right time,” says Mike Kelly, CEO of 59club USA.  “With increasing demands and service expectations at all-time highs, staff must be up to task; otherwise, employers are adversely effected as evidenced by U.S. companies losing more than $62 billion annually due to meager service.”

About 59club USA

Based outside Atlanta, 59club is the premier provider of online and on-site customer service analytics and training to the golf industry.  Its market-leading software and assessment tools identify and measure operational strengths and weakness.  The outputs prompt better training and service standards required to boost member-guest satisfaction, recruitment and retention, therefore, optimizing revenue and profits. Customized best-practices benchmarks to which operators subscribe track service progress over time, holds teams accountable and informs business strategies.  59club counts several of America’s Top 15 golf course management companies as clients is praised by members of the Professional Golfers Association, Club Management Association of America, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America and National Golf Course Owners Association.

More information:  www.59clubusa.com.

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