Golf Course Maintenance and Technology
Golf Course Maintenance and Technology

Golf Course Maintenance and Technology

Posted on June 13, 2019
If you follow our blog, you know that we write about technology pretty frequently.  Normally, we focus on things like the tee sheet, point-of-sale, CRM, websites and other ways software helps golf courses and private clubs be more efficient and effective.  But recent technological advancements extend all the way to the maintenance team and the golf course.  From apps that monitor moisture content to self-driving mowers, there are exciting tools on the horizon for superintendents and their teams.  In this post, we discuss one specific technology that has allowed us to provide a better product to our golfers, save maintenance payroll, and keep our teams happy.

Imagine this:  It’s a beautiful early summer day.  You step out onto the turf and see ominous thunderheads forming on the horizon.  Your heart sinks.  Sure, the rain will turn some golfers away.  It will soften the course you’ve worked to firm up.  Maybe you’ll even have some tree clean-up to tend with.  But the real reason for your concern is the bunkers.  They are going to get decimated.  You’re never going to be able to mow fairways tomorrow.  Your whole crew is going to be pumping, shoveling and plowing bunkers all day.  Worse yet, that hard work will only last until the next thunderstorm washes them out all over again.

Contending with big rain events has been a problem as long as bunkers have existed.  Over the past couple of seasons, Landscapes Golf Management has partnered with Landscapes Unlimited’s construction experts to install new products to help keep bunkers in playing condition after major rain events.  The results have been outstanding.

Capillary Concrete is a new bunker-lining technology that has bunkers ready for play much sooner after storm events.  It consists of a proprietary polymer-based concrete installed under the bunker sand that allows for water to percolate into the liner and flow through to the drainage below.  It also keeps the sand from being contaminated during erosion events.

It sounds simple, and it is, but the results are real.  In the majority of cases, the bunkers only need to be freshened with a rake or Sand Pro – eliminating the pumping, shoveling and plowing that our teams have become accustomed to.  

The end result?  Better playing conditions for members and guests, labor savings related to bunker clean-up, being able to stay focused on other projects and routine maintenance, and most importantly - staff morale.  Nobody likes to slog through a bunker cleanup.

Below are photos after a recent rain event in Omaha – the first bunker was renovated with Capillary Concrete, the second was not.  The photos are taken on the same hole minutes apart.

This technology and its installation are not inexpensive, but the payback is significant.  Just ask our team members!

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