Data Management Best Practices
Data Management Best Practices

Data Management Best Practices

Posted on June 23, 2022
Some business people consider “hope isn’t a plan” overused and cliché. Advocates of the adage, however, are brazenly correct in that laying groundwork turns lofty ideals into realistic achievements of goals.

Such is true in the golf, country club and resort industry. Relying on conventional promotion of stellar offerings alone – a.k.a. a “wing it” mindset – is fruitless at best and hazardous at worse.

Hence, we turn to the importance of data management. It’s imperative to know details about members and guests, notably their demographic and behavioral compositions. That data informs how and when to tailor communications to squarely hit their unique sweet spots. Generate awareness, move them to consideration, make it easy for them to purchase and develop loyalties...

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