5 Facts You May Not Know about The Masters
5 Facts You May Not Know about The Masters

5 Facts You May Not Know about The Masters

Posted on April 30, 2020
With this year’s Masters tournament delayed until fall, we wanted to share a few fun facts about the tournament and Augusta National Golf Club that make it unique and so special for golf fans all over the world.  We can’t wait until November!

Number One /// Inclusion 
Since opening in 1933, membership at Augusta National was restricted to men only. This all changed on August 20, 2012, when Augusta National admitted two new members, Condoleezza Rice & Darla Moore. What might be even more notable happened in 2018 when Fred Fidley, chairman of the club and the Masters Tournament, announced the Women's Amateur Championship that would be played each year at Augusta National. The announcement was a massive step for the golf world and set a new standard at the club.  Opening the doors of Augusta National for a women's tournament not only benefits the game of golf but set a lasting impact on expectations across the globe.

Number Two /// More Than Just 18-Holes
The rich history of Augusta National and The Masters Tournament is unmatched.  From the green jackets to the champion's dinner, every piece of the schedule is laid out in a delicate fashion preserving the rich history that is The Masters. The course itself is known for immaculate landscape, pristine greenery, & impeccable views. Each of the plants that make up the landscape of the course has a special dedication- the name of each hole. Each hole at Augusta is named after the landscaping that adorns it.  From the blossoming Magnolias on hole five to the blooms of the Pink Dogwoods on the second hole, each name recognizes the beauty and rich history that surround it.  

Number Three /// The Man, The Myth, The Legend 
If you're an avid fan of The Masters, you most likely have heard of the mythical man who occasionally gets the nod to play the weekend.  When the chaos of the Thursday and Friday rounds settle down, and the cut line gets drawn, occasionally, the number of players who make the weekend turns out to be an odd number.  When this is the case, Augusta National calls on their non-competing marker, Jeff Knox, to answer the call.  Knox is an accomplished player in his own right as well as the course record-holding member at Augusta National Golf Club with a smooth 61 from the member's tee.  When a PGA TOUR player is told they are set to play with Knox, they know they better bring their A-game.  In 2014, paired with Rory Mcilroy on Saturday, Knox unofficially beat Rory by one stroke 70 to 71.  Jeff Knox is one of those Augusta National stories that make the club and tournament so unique and fun to watch.

Number Four /// Snack on Snacks 
The food & Beverage operation at Augusta National Golf Club during the tournament is a classy tip of the cap to the heritage and traditions that have taken place there for generations. 
A full complement of grab and go spectator food is offered on the grounds, and many of the items have become a tournament staple over the years.  Not only do fans go crazy to get their hands on a famous egg salad or pimento cheese sandwich, but they can do so for $1.50!  The food and beverage pricing is reasonable. You could buy the entire on course menu for $56.50.  Thirsty? Don't worry about paying ball-park pricing.  If you are lucky enough to score tickets to The Masters, your domestic beer will only cost you $4.

Number Five /// Growing The Game 
If you have young kids who play golf, you may be familiar with the Drive, Chip, and Putt program.  A partnership between the PGA of America, the USGA, and Augusta National Golf Club has set up the youth national championship at the famed home of golf's most coveted major championship, The Masters. The week before the famed tournament, winners of local and regional qualifiers on the Drive, Chip, and Putt circuit convene on Augusta National to see who will be crowned champions.  The event is aired live on the Golf Channel and is clearly the envy of every youth golfer out there!

If you’re stuck at home this weekend and craving some Masters action, check out the TV Schedule below.  It’s not the live tournament that we all wish it was, but it will have to do… At least until November! 

6:00 pm -  2005 Final Round, Tiger Woods- EPSN, masters.com, Facebook, & YouTube  
6:00 pm - 2013 Winner’s News Conference, Adam Scott - Golf Channel 
11:30 pm - 2005 Winner’s News Conference, Tiger woods - Golf Channel 
9:30 am - 1989 Masters Highlights, Nick Faldo - Golf Channel 
11:30 am - 1990 Masters Highlights, Nick Faldo - Golf Channel 
1:30 pm - 1986 Masters highlights, Jack Nichlaus - Golf Channel 
1:30 pm - 1975 Final Round Highlights, Jack Nichlause - CBS
2:30pm - 2004 Final Round, Phil Mickelson - CBS, masters.com, Facebook, & YouTube  
6:00 pm - 2004 Winner’s news conference, Phil Michelson - Golf Channel 
12:30 pm - 2019 Final Round, Tiger Woods - CBS, masters.com, Facebook, & YouTube 
6:00 pm - 2019 Live From The Masters - Golf Channel 


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